Guest Post: Manny Gutierrez Reviews the Best Saws

Hey guys, Manny Gutierrez here with a fun and exciting guest post! Today I want to tell you about some of the great saws I’ve been discovering in my woodworking phase! I have been experimenting with a lot of different tools while I try to become a professional woodworker. If you haven’t read one of my guest posts before, I am a farmer who has moved to the capitol to try something different as a handyman and jack of all trades.


I am good at many different things from carpentry to some basic mechanics but as I have worked in construction and helped in different workshops I have discovered that my true love is working with wood. I love the smell of the timber and the feeling of working with it on a saw or with a sander. I love also the finished product when it is done and it takes its place in a house as a piece of beloved furniture.


I want to start making woodworking my primary business so I have been expanding my toolset and that is a lot of what I talk about in my guest posts. Today I want to talk about how I have been trying different saws, and finally bought my own.


When I first started to do my own carpentry projects on the side of my handyman work I would by lumber already cut from the depot. This was very expensive and I knew that soon I would find myself with a job that was not straightforward so I could not always cut my wood in advance.


I first shopped for a circular saw, which are relatively easy to find here in Belize, thanks to Amazon. I like to buy tools from companies that aren’t in Belize because they are better made. So eventually I bought a Makita. Many of the carpenters I have worked with use Dewalt but I do not care for them so much. They feel very cheap and while they say they are American I have learned to be suspicious because many of them are not actually made there. So I chose a Makita because people online recommended them since they are lighter and stronger than Dewalts. Mine is the Makita 5007MGA and I think it is the best circular saw I have ever used.

It has magnesium shoe plates and guards which make it very light to use, but it still feels much stronger and more solid than the Dewalts I have used. I also am very impressed by the powerful motor. It spins at 5800 RPM and though I do not know the speeds of the Dewalts I have used in the past this feels much better. I also know that this is because the Dewalt motors uses belts and this one does not.  My Makita has bright headlights and guides that are LEDs so they will never wear out and the whole saw is very light and balanced. I found this one mentioned on This Old House which is an American site I use to find DIY carpentry tips and I trust their expert recommendations for the best saws. It is definitely much better than the ones I have seen in hardware stores here in Belize, and I am very grateful that I found it. It is my primary saw that I use most often when I am working on a job site.


I also bought myself a table saw which is a Dewalt. I know I have just said that Dewalt does not make the best circular saws but I have had only good experiences with their portable table  saws. And in any case I do not believe that Makita makes table saws, at least not that I have seen. I use this saw from my van when I need to cut large pieces of lumber before I bring them into the building where I am working. It is more exact than my circular saw and I like it for long boards where I must have a very straight edge.


My table saw is a Dewalt with the model number DWE7491RS and I really enjoy using it. It is the biggest one I could find when I shopped because I wanted to be able to work on any size of board I need to in my work! It is a 10 inch blade and I have room on the table to cut up to 32.5 inches. I like this one because it has many of the features of a big cabinet table saw that I hope some day to own. I has a big adjustment wheel for the angle of the blade and I like the split guard very much.

I have gotten very lucky with both of the saws I bought but that is because I have used many before and I took a lot of time to research. The Makita circular saw I am using is featured in a very helpful review on, and it was this review that persuaded me to buy the saw after I saw it listed on This Old House.


This review site also has a lot of really cool band saw reviews, and one of those is gonna be my next big tool investment. I have heard that any real carpenter must have a band saw, and I intend to add one to my collection as soon as I have made enough money.


I hope you have found this post interesting. I will be back soon with photos from some of my recent carpentry projects and hopefully a review of my new band saw!

New to DIY? These Are the Essential Tools You Need

Small odd jobs often crop up around the home and therefore it can be a good idea to make sure that there is a well equipped toolbox in the home. There are certain things that should be included in every type of toolbox.


The Minimalist Toolbox

It is said that there are only three things that are really needed in a toolbox and these will solve most issues around the home. These three things are WD40, a roll of duct tape and a vise grip. The vise grip can be used in place of other tools and most things can be held together with duct tape or loosened with WD40.


However, most people would prefer to have a few more tools than this in their toolbox. The good news is that only a few tools are needed to carry out most jobs around the home and a basic toolbox will not need a lot of money to put together.


The Basic Toolbox


There are ten basic tools that should be included in every toolbox.


Screwdriver Set – A screwdriver has so many different uses and different sizes can be used for different things so it is a good idea to have a set. A flat head and a Philips screwdriver are both necessities. Magnetic tips are a good feature to look out for and this can make the screwdrivers easier to use.

Claw Hammer – A claw hammer should be a part of every tool box. The flat end of the hammer can be used to knock pins and nails into walls. The claw end is used to pull nails out of walls. If the hammer has a rubber handle then this will be more comfortable to hold and it can also absorb some of the shock when it is struck against the wall.


Pliers – Pliers can be used in a wide variety of situations and they will be even more useful if they are adjustable. They can be used as an emergency wrench if there isn’t one available as well as a clamp and a wire cutter.


Adjustable Wrench – A wrench that can be adjusted means that there is no need to have several different wrenches in the tool kit. It can be used to tighten nuts and bolts all around the home.


Tape Measure – One of the most commonly accepted rules of DIY is to measure everything twice. This means that no toolbox will be complete without a tape measure. Tape measures with a wider width are easier to use with one hand when they are fully extended and so are often a good choice.

Spirit Level – A spirit level is essential for making sure that things like picture frames and shelves are hung straight. A metal one is usually the best choice as this can also be used as a ruler. Laser levels are becoming increasingly popular as these can be used hands free.


Utility Knife – A utility knife serves a lot of purposes such as sharpening pencils and opening boxes so it should be included in every tool box. Useful features to look at include storage for the blade inside the knife and a rubber handle for comfort.

Flashlight – A flashlight is a useful piece of equipment to have in a toolbox and in an emergency kit. Something else that could be considered is a headlamp as this can be worn while the work is carried out keeping both hands free.


Electric Drill – An electric drill might seem like an extravagant purchase but once this is part of a tool kit people wonder how they ever lived without it. Corded drills are usually cheaper than cordless ones. They can also be used for tasks other than drilling and removing screws such as sanding and grinding so they are a really useful piece of equipment.

Hacksaw – A hacksaw really is an awesome saw. It can be used for a whole range of purposes and if the blades need to be replaced then this can be done very cheaply.
There are other things that should be kept in the toolbox such as pencils, gloves and superglue. Some of these items will need to be replaced every now and again so it is worth keeping an eye on this.