Why You Should Stop Eating Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish crackers are fish-shaped crackers enjoyed by both kids and adults. It is manufactured by Pepperidge Farm and has been in the market since 1997.

While it is fun to eat them and they do have an addictive effect due to its small pieces and crunchy texture, there are a few reasons why you should stop eating them or feeding them to your children.

Gold fish crackers contain MSG. We all know it’s unhealthy and it hides under “autolyzed yeast” in the ingredients of goldfish crackers. It’s a flavor enhancer and is used in a variety of processed foods. It suppresses appetite but increases appetite for unhealthy food. According to research, MSG is an excitotoxin. It damages brain cells by overstimulation.

It also contains GMOs. Hiding under “vegetable oils”, these types of oils are derived from genetically modified organisms. GMOs has been controversial for some years now and has been restricted in over 30 countries and counting.

Finally, how many calories in goldfish crackers do you consume in a handful? To be frank, you’ve already eaten half a cupcake. There are 150 calories in 55 pieces of these crackers. So, if you think you’re staying healthy by avoiding chips, you might want to reconsider.